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How to book campsites in Botswana national parks and game reserves

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Since most of the campsites in Botswana Parks have been privatized and run by different companies, this procedure makes booking difficult and very stressful. Ehecti Travel Agency can book, reserve campsites and arrange park permits on your behalf. We will be doing all the emailing, phoning, faxing and all the hard work on your behalf.

Ehecti Travel book both privatized and DWNP campsites in:

Moremi Game Reserve

  • Maqwee/South Gate campsite  These campsites are located in the south of Moremi by the entrance gate. There are 10 camping grounds with braai, fire place, have ablution block {toilet + showers] with running cold and hot water.
  • Xakanaxa campsite  have 10 camping plots, ablution with running cold and hot water, have fire and braai place.
  • Third Bridge campsite  situated in the western part of Moremi along an off steam of the Moanachira River, it offers much more of the unforgettable experience that any of the Southern African Campsites can offer, and there are 2 ablution block plus 1 stand pipe. Mokoro can be booked on arrival.
  • North Gate campsite {popularly known as Khwai Khwai is considered to be one of the best game viewing areas in Botswana, the floods plains of the Khwai River are home to a wide variety of animals and birds. There are 10 campsites that are situated along the banks of the meandering Khwai River, enshrined under the mangrove fig and ebony trees. There are 4 ablution blocks with both hot and cold showers.

Chobe National Park

  • Ihaha campsite – consist of  10 camping grounds with ablution, running cold and hot water, fire place and braai area. Ihaha is well known for offering magnificent game viewing.
  • Savuti campsite  Savuti is known for its excellent game and offer good sightings throughout the year. The impressive camping grounds of Savuti consist of 14 camping plots, each with its own stand pipe, fire place and braai area.
  • Linyanti campsite  it is considered to be the most beautiful park of the Chobe National Park, well known for the healthy population of predators: particularly lions. Huge concentrations of elephants roam there are 5 campsites overlooking the Linyanti River.

Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan National Park

  • Kumaga campsite  is well known for the migration of the Zebras and wildebeests, Kumaga is bordered with by the seasonally flooded Boteti River, which also has the Flamingo migration route and a small number of Rhinos. There are 9 campsites in Kumaga; the sites are small and friendly with 2 clean and modern ablution block facilities.
  • Nxai Pan South Camp  Nxai Pan National Park is located on the northern fringe of what was once part of the ancient super lake, the Makgadikgadi.  South Camp campsite is situated near the second entrance gate in a well shaded area.
  • Baines Baobab campsite, located approximately 30 km from Nxai Pan National Park entrance gate. These baobabs were named after the famous 19th century painter and explore Thomas Baines. The pans are surrounded by the Baines Baobabs that are dry for most of the year and during the rainy season are transformed into massive sheets of water creating amazing spectacle of great beauty.

Kgalagadi Transfontier Park

We book campsites in Botswana side only which are:

Rooiputs {rustic showers pit latrines, shade structure}

Mabuasehube Pan – camping sites in Mabuasehube area are as follows:                               

GMA1: no water, no pit latrine, and no showers.                                                                    

GMA2: have shower structure, pit latrine toilets, shade shelter and running water.       

GMA3: have shade shelter, pit latrine, share shower, toilet and water with                                                                                                      

GMA4: there is a shade shelter, pit latrine, shower structure and running water.

Monamodi Pan – comprises of the following:                                                                           

GM01  it has shade structure and located about 7 km from the entrance gate.               

GM02  shade structure, pit latrine, shower structure and running water.

Motopi  KTMOT01 and KTMOT02  all Motopi campsites have no facilities.

Bosobogolo Pan: KTBOS01 have shade structure, pit latrine, shower structure, located about 23 km from the entrance gate.

KTBOS02 – have shade structure, bring own water

Losoleago Pan – have 2 camping grounds:                                                                                              

GL1: shade structure, pit latrine.                                                                                                     

GL2: have a shade structure, pit latrine, shower structure and running water.

Mpayathutwa Pan has 2 camping grounds which are:                                                            

GMP1: shade structure, pit latrine, shower structure and running water.                                                                                        

GMP2: shade structure, pit latrine

Khiding Pan  there are 2 camping grounds in this area:                                                 

KTKHU01 shade and shower structure .Bring own water                                                                                                                                

KTKHU02  shade structure, pit latrine and is close to no. 1, bring own water

For KTP and other DWNP campsites {not privatized} we will need your passport details {just for the tour leader}

Khutse Game Reserve {Moreswe, Khutse Gate, Mahurushele and others}

Central Kalahari Game Reserve [CKGR] {Sunday Pan, Passage Pan, Deception Pan, Kori Pan, Bape and others}

I would like just take this opportunity to thank Ehecti Travel for everything they did for us. They organised our whole trip and all the extra activities along the way. Everything went smoothly and we had a lovely time.

—Thomas York

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